DIY Moroccan Lanterns

So I found this originally Pinterest from a bunch of different sources. This is my interpretation using empty glass jars with lids. Most of them are coconut oil and almond oil jars. I started these during the summer as a last ditch resort for entertainment while I had my wisdom teeth removed. Surgically, I might add. Little buggers were growing sideways and backward. Once I started it became an obsession in saving jars and turning the into lanterns, I now have so many I don’t know what to do with. Hopefully someone needs them for a wedding or else they with just adorn every windowsill in my mothers house.

Here are some of the ones from that summer. There are many more where that came from.


Transparent Glass Paint

Gold Puff Paint

Glass Jars

So essentially you just paint the glass paint on the INSIDE of the jar. I’ve tried it with tinted modge podge to eliminate the streaks and that works well too. I think it depends on what your use would be for the jars. Mine are more decorative not so much a lantern for the use of illumination, so I don’t care if there are streaks. I found the patterns online from previous Pins. I liked the lids with the jars so I decorated those too. The glass paint left a really nice transparent jewel like quality to the lids, which I really liked. I recommend letting the insides dry first before puff painting. You can get creative too and mix and marble the colors. I’ve also used opaque enamel paint (because apparently the Micheal’s in Bozeman doesn’t sell glass paint. ) That turned out really cool but you can’t see through it.

I ran out of gold puff paint for the orange one and used a black pearly one and was please with the outcome. Below I used Krylon’s Looking Glass Paint. Best craft thing ever! Just make sure to do it outdoors. To get the mercury glass effect spray vinegar water on BEFORE the spray paint on the OUTSIDE of the jar. I’m pretty sure the instructions say to do it on the inside but that was really difficult given the size of the opening.Here I used Krylon's Looking Glass Spray. Coolest spray ever! Turns any glass thing vintage. All you do is spray a little vinegar water on BEFORE you use the Looking Glass Spray. That gives you all the little bubbles and mercury glass effect. Do outdoors!


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