Spring Break Favorites

So I acquired quite a few new products over spring break,  and so far I’m in love with all of them.


Firstly I got some dry shampoo, which I have been sorely in need of since I have reached mermaid status with my hair and washing it everyday has made it dry and sad at the ends. I really enjoy this Pssssssst! brand. It’s not as white when you spray it on and its nice and fine. I’ve tried the treseme kinds, both the dry and foam types and I would never buy them again. This one is much better, by far. I got it from walmart for around $6, I think. It was on the bottom shelf and I almost missed it so if you’re looking for this particular brand look low. Not that its hard to miss. The only problem I have with this product, which I’d probably have with any aerosol dry shampoo, is you HAVE to use in a well ventilated area. It’s a little fumely and will get all up in your sinuses unless you’re in a ventilated area. Next is got2b smooth operator hair cream, it says it has like cashmere in it or cashmere soft locks but I works pretty good for super long hair. I’ve gotten into rubbing it on my damp hair and it gives just enough leave in conditioner that my hair doesn’t feel super parched the next day. Then I use the dry shampoo and a bit more smooth operator and its doing amazing things to my normal unruly fine hair. I purchased this in a twin pack with a travel sized friend for like $5 at Fred Meyer. I gave the little one to my Mom, justification for hair care purchases I suppose. The last one I just got today and it smells SO GOOD! It was $6 at TJMaxx, I have no idea where else you could find it but it’s by HEMPZtreats. I really was drawn to the smell because it really does smell like strawberry cheesecake, since I can’t eat cheese or cake let alone a cheesecake smelling like one is the next best thing, right? Anyway the more I read the label (ALWAYS READ THE LABEL) the more excited I got. It is made with organic hemp seed oil and it is gluten free. Anyone with a Gluten related disorder knows how hard it is to find good GF beauty products. So this is a great find!


The next three are my favorite makeup items as of now, for break. The fist is L’Oreal true match blush in innocent flush, which has a nice coral glow. I’m trying to go for more corals since I really should anyway since I have an olive skin tone. So far I really like it, its not overpowering and adds a healthy glow that makes me just look healthy opposed to obviously wearing blush. That one is in Innocent Flush. The next is Great Lash mascara in the blackest black by Maybelline. I picked this up because it was cheap and I had a really expensive one before and was not willing to shell out $20 again for it. So far I really like it, it does build nicely but can easily clump. The formula is really smooth and thick but it comes off easy with soap and water. The brush is shaped like a really pointy pine-cone or a spikey teardrop, which is nice for those baby lashes you can never get to. Lastly is the only concealer I have found in my shade of olive. It is from the Maybelline FIT line in shade 20. I’ve got this before and I love it. I’d say it is pretty comparable to the Bare Minerals concealers at half the price.



This one I just got today from the health food store and I’ve tried it out a little and I’m in love. It’s Mineral Fusion pressed powder foundation in olive 1. It was pretty pricey at $29.99 regular but I got it on sale for $16.79. It is, again, one of the few perfect shades of olive I have found. It seems like olive skin is just a hard color to make makeup for but I’m thinking this will blend really seamlessly with my Bare Minerals loose powder foundation in medium beige. What I’m really excited about with this product is that it is hypo-allergenic, artificial color, fragrance, talc, non-comedogenic AND gluten free. Plus its not tested on animals. The box says it has white tea, red tea, sea kelp, pomegranate and vitamins C and E. Super excited to use this, I do know this brand carries all gluten free makeup products including lipstick. I might go back and get a dark cherry color but who would think that lipstick among all the other things to look out for, could contain gluten. Go figure.


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