March Favorites

Ooo so this is kinda late….I was debating on doing one since I did a Spring Break Favorites, which happened to be in March but I love reading and or watching favorites so imma do one because I can. I’ve got a random mix of beauty products and health/food products, which I anticipate will always happen since I love trying new healthy food items (Kelp Noodles, ahem.) IMG_0510

Alright, first up is the makeup favorites.

From left to right.

Ulta’s Round Quad in Good Girl. I have used this quad just about everyday since I bought it and  I love it soooooo much! The colors are really matte and very velvety almost on the lid. The color payoff is pretty good, especially for the the two middle colors. The bottom one, I swear is the same color as my skin and I love using it as a wash over the lid when I’m going for a simple cat eye. I dunno what it is but my eyes need eye-shadow and I can’t rock a naked lid for some reason. You know, whateves, but I love this quad. The top lightest color is a perfect highlight shade for my skin tone and in general I do love me some warm browns.

Next it Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Charm. I’ve heard SO much about these from many a different YouTuber and I have to say I agree. I love love love these. I think I have 4 now but Charm in particular has been my favorite since its a orangey/coral color and suits my skin tone like…well..a charm. Its super moisturizing right on and stays that way for quite awhile. Once the initial creamy dreamsicle color wears off you still have a deeper coral shade that does indeed stain the lips, but in a non-obtrusive way and you can easily reapply without chunking or weird feathering that lipstick usually does.

I’ve used Maybellie’s The MEGA Plush Volum’ Express before and I loved it, I don’t remember why I didn’t go back to it. Probably the sway of trying something new, which gets me every time. Like a kid in the candy shop all bright eyed “this one, this time will make me look like a Disney princess!” Usually doesn’t happen but this one comes close. So I picked it up again and remembered why I loved it so much the first time when I came out. It is super lightweight and build-able  Which I love because I like to layer as much mascara on my wee lashes as humanly possible. I love that it does feel rather plush on the lashes, that is you can run your finger across them and they don’t feel like tiny tar sticks affixed to your eyeballs, and it doesn’t flake off which I usually have a problem with. NOT ANYMORE! Weeee!

Next up are two red orange lipsticks. From religiously watching Grav3yard Girl on YouTube and her love of the Rum Diary and actually watching the Rum Diary, myself I’ve been inspired to wear a orange lip and a smokey brown/bronze eye. Probably gonna be a staple look for summer. Cannot wait. Anyway, I’ve got NYX’s Matte Lipstick in Indie Flick with is more of a true red orange, as you can see. It goes on very opaque and matte which I do like. It’s a pretty big statement on the lips and I like to wear it more at night out to the Bars than in broad daylight. But I’ll probably wear it in the day anyway, no shame in looking like a Drag Queen. No shame. Just FABULOUS! The other is Maybelline’s Vivid Collection in Electric Orange. This one is much more true orange and a bit more sheer than Indie Flick. I think I like this one a little better for day. It goes on really smooth and moisturizing (Indie Flick is a tad drying after a bit) plus it smells vanilla-y, almost like a cupcake. Anyone who knows me at all knows. Jacki loves her a cupcake….as long as its gluten free and vegan. Oh the woes of food allergies.

Last is NYX’s Eyebrow Shaper which is just a little wax stick to get them brows to stay in place. I really like this since I have rather long eyebrow hairs and they tend to go bushman on me sometimes, you know, without adult supervision. So this is great to get those little suckers to stay where they should stay.


If any of you have problems with anxiety, I highly suggest Kava Root supplements. I have anxiety and sometimes my little brain will not calm down and my little hamster heart just wants to escape from its chest cage. Not fun. Makes me feel like poo. So I’ll pop on of these when I’m starting to feel like I can’t handle it and it takes the edge off. It says “supports feelings of relaxation” and I’m pretty sure it’s a mild muscle relaxant. So great. Its almost the same as like a glass of wine, I think, only without the calories or side effects of alcohol. As a college student on the verge of entering the “Real World” I’m stressed very easily and have taken to taking these before bed. They don’t make me sleepy like Valerian or Melatonin supplements would, but they just help me shut my brain off so I can drift off to sleep properly and I wake up just as I would have if I didn’t take them.

Next is a Smelly. I picked this up at Ulta on sale. It’s Sheer Cashmere Fragrance Mist and I’m really loving the smell. It took me a few sniffs in the store to decide if I wanted it (like for $1) but it started to grow on me and now I spray it all the time. It’s got some top notes of gardenia, which I would normally despise with the holy hot passions of an Arabian desert but those fade and it leaves a floral  warm scent that’s pretty lovely.

So lately my coconut oil just wasn’t cutting it and my face was feeling rather dry leading me to a search for a night cream. I’m so excited about this Lumene Firming Night Cream: Time Freeze. O. M. G. I love it. It caught my eye first, while at CVS, because it’s from FINLAND! My logic of course, Hey I’m Finish! Maybe this will work amazing on my Finish skin! Wooohooo my people. Which I have to say, it sure does! It’s made with Arctic Heather, dunno what all that does and I threw the box away that had the info on it…but I have noticed my face being much firmer and tighter. Not that I really need a firming cream since I’m only 21 almost 22, but I do tend to smush my little face into ten thousand pillows on my bed while I sleep and can get weird smush face creases sometimes. I’m also just paranoid about wrinkles anyway, but this works sooo good. It’s nice an thick and moisturizing and has a really light scent. I’m pretty sure it’s around $22, which is way worth it compared to some of the fancy organic type face creams. Plus it’s from Finland. Awesome. I’m definitely going to get some other products from the Lumene brand in the future.

Lastly are those little black hair elastics. I have been rocking the look below so much and those are much needed to create the look.

This tea OMG!!! Mom had it at home over break and since then, I swear I have drank it EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is sooooo good. Now I’m a girl who love black tea, some earl grey first thing in the morning. Decaf, naturally because my little hamster heart cannot handle caffeine. This tea give me that richness of a black tea but it is more herbal. The taste alone is enough to make me want to drink it all the time but see how it says wellness tea? Its made with milk thistle. Now milk thistle is a plant that helps the liver out in detoxifying the body. Since I  don’t have  a Gallbladder, my liver already has to do double time. That was many years ago, but anything to help right? It is so amazing, I feel a bit more streamlined and ready for the day when I start off in the morning with this tea. Plus it helps to get things….you know….moving on out. So if it helps detox your liver….going where I’m going? I shit you not, I went out the the Bars and felt shitty the next day, had a cup of this tea and it helped so much to reduce my baby hangover. I still felt tired, but that’s too be expected when you stay up to last call at 2 am when your the type of girl that goes to bed at 9ish every night. But the icky overloaded sluggish feeling? Gone.



This little guy below is a Superfood Macro Green powder. I put it in smoothies to help me get all the leafy green veggie benefits, when I’m on the run. It’s all natural, raw, organic, vegan and gluten free. There are like a million ingredients but short version it has protein  super-food blend with spirulina type things, non-dairy probiotic cultures, antioxidant blend, metabolic herbs, fiber, harmonizing and support herbs and plant enzymes.  The taste is a little hard to wrap your taste-buds around but in my brain the health benefits far out weight the taste and if you blend it with berries its just fine.



Lastly is SUNBUTTER! I’ve never tried sunflower seed butter before and now I’m hooked. I normally go for peanut butter alternative, even though I have grown out of my childhood peanut allergy…but when you don’t eat something for so many years it’s really hard to break that habit….plus it the taste of peanuts still freak me out being conditioned to think it could like kill me. Plus peanuts are like the cheap sluts of the nut world. I’m a macadamia/pecan kinda girl, mmmkay. I was going to almond butter, but it was freakishly expensive so I picked this up instead. Love the taste, love the texture, looks a bit like baby poop, but I don’t care. I’ve been eating it on apple slices like everyday for breakfast. Delicious: ) Plus it’s only 200 calories for 2 Tbsp. I could eat more than 2 Tbsp. because it’s that good but 2 is quite enough and it gives me a boost of energy to start my day or as a snack.



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