Forever 21 + Celestial Seasonings Unboxing

I have a weakness. A weakness for tea. So I couldn’t find my absolute favorite tea, Natural Detox from Celestial Seasonings any-fucking-where. Its a milk thistle tea to “promote healthy liver function.” I have no gallbladder and any help I can get for me wee liver is a damn good happy thing. So I went straight to the website where, to my utter joy found the exact tea at the same price you’d get in store. Plus there was a little deal going on so I go, as you can see, 6 boxes of my Natural Detox tea for around $24 (with shipping.) Great deal. I’m set for a long ass time. yayus.




How cute are these? How often do you ever find tiny dinosaur jewlery? Never. Snakes, yes. Owls, yes. Skulls, yes. Dinosaurs? WEEEEEE GET ON MY NECK! I’m so excited about these. I cannot even explain. Plus I like dinosaurs anyway, clever girl.



Feeling pretty into Americana as well, ‘MERICA! I found this lil eagle necklace and a tiny red white and blue star bracelet. All I need now is to throw on my white cowboy boots.



Awww, happy family! Is anyone else super feeling the onslaught of Americana stuff this summer? Maybe it’s just getting closer to the 4th of July, but I love it. Yayus! Happy Day my little cupcakes!


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