Adventures with Sauerkraut

This is the first summer I have ever tried sauerkraut, and liked it. In the long search for cures for my man’s current illness I’ve gotten on the Probiotics bandwagon. Not to mention a little book called Ultra Prevention (I forget the authors…oops.) In an attempt to help optimize my digestive system (and the mans) through the proliferation of good healthy bacteria I purchased some chew-able probiotics and have been trying to incorporate more fermented foods into my diet. Luckily for me, last summer was the summer of cabbage at the Raivo farm. My sister, who loves cabbage, demanded to grow some. Needless to say, they thrived, growing easily to the size or larger of pumpkins weighing at the least like 15-20 lbs. So whatcha gonna do with all that cabbage? Make sauerkraut….and soup but theres only so much cabbage soup one can eat. Girded with my new resolve to consume fermented foods for the health benefits I tried some of the homemade kraut. To my surprise, I loved it and could feel it working, smoothing out my digestive functions (which as a person with many food allergies is a blissful happy thing.) Happy now that I have not been shunning my Finnish roots, I can say that I love the kraut.



This is my mother’s sauerkraut (my sisters was traditional) this one is made with both green and red cabbage (thus the gorgeous magenta color.) She has dubbed it “confetti kraut.” It has a pleasantly tangy flavor, not overwhelming and mildly sour with a touch of sweetness. Plus it’s gluten free! The only ingredients are cabbage and salt. My other favorite foods to help increase the healthy gut flora of the digestive tract are: Kombucha (fermented tea/fruit juice which is carbonated), pickled ginger and if I could find it, coconut kefir/ yogurt. You can always get regular kefir or yogurt products but since I have a shaky relationship with dairy, I always choose coconut products. I highly suggest a probiotic supplement, since the modern diet is lacking in any variety of foods to help promote a healthy gut. Seriously, when I look at the modern diet all I see is wheat, soy, corn, cheese and sugar in various combinations. So glad they repealed that idiotic pizza counts as a vegetable policy. Like really? Pizza? We may be gullible but we’re not stupid. A healthy gut means a healthy body. Since it is considered “outside the body” (which it is since its just a tube) it is the first line in getting the vitamins/minerals/fatty acids/proteins/carbohyrates from the food you eat into your system to propel your lives daily motions. Keep it healthy and you will be too: )

Here’s to your good and complete health Cake Family!


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