Mini Amazon Haul



Weeeee! I love it when I get packages in the mail! So exciting!

I gots a few cool thangs, firstly being the NYX Nude on Nude palate. I’ve heard this is a dupe for both Urban Decay Naked palates. Not having either of those to compare it to, I’d say its similar but not dead on. I’m sure the pigmentation of the Naked palates are much more rich and vibrant. But I don’t have $100 to spend for both of those, this one however is about $24. I think the colors are alright, definitely build-able, maybe a bit chalky in the matte colors but the shimmery ones are great. I’ve don’t have much interest in the lip glosses but I swatched them anyway. I’ve been trying it out for a few days and I love all the nude-y looks I’ve been getting out of it! yayus!




Swatchy swatchy



I’ve been eyeing this NYX lipstick for, like, ever on Amazon and finally bought it. It was I believe $3.99 around there. I’m still loving lavender lips and this one is more on the pinky warm side, which is a good thing for my olive skin tone. Plus its called POWER. That’s right, power to the mouth sass. Mmmmhum!



Lastly, is my most nerdy but exciting like $1.30 buy. A frog mold. I am a huge, slightly insane, fan of Harry Potter. I will DEFINITELY be making chocolate frogs out of these and pretending I’m in Honeydukes like I’ve been wishing for since I turned 11 and DID NOT receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter. Precisely 11 years later, although they won’t hop away or come with cards, it will be sweet sweet comeuppance. Weeee!


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