A Weekend in Instagram

I had a luuurvly surprise this weekend of the boyfriend visitation variety. Happy happy. Here’s some thangs that happened.


Man-face: )



Cupcake and Froyo shop in the next town over with Gluten Free Cupcakes. I am forever on the hunt for places that sell cupcakes I can eat so I can live vicariously though them with my dormant dream of owning a allergy friendly cupcakery.



Chocolate Raspberry GF Cupcake, which I devoured with vigor.



Pumpkin Spiced Iced Teecino for the study power hours. Teecino is an herbal coffee, caffeine free and delicious.



SOUP! More crockpot adventures. This one is turkey, mushroom and veggie soup with dill and white truffle oil. Nomnomnom. There should also be another pot roast photo but I forgot, but not to let that moment of meaty ambrosia to go undocumented!

Monday sucks! Lets take naps.


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