May Favorites

Wee! Let me share with you my favorites of this month. I don’t have many, May hasn’t been a super makeup centered month but it was my birth month which makes it the BEST MONTH EVER!018ad040ea833646612de7e1368ecde0b2d66504e2


First Off:  Beauty Favorites

I picked up this Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black as a free points thingy from Sephora. It’s a pretty decent size for sampling, like a little over half a roller ball. This is Sandalwood, Violet and Vanilla. I love this so much! It’s very deep, but sweet and very very me. I’ve been taking to even putting some on at night to feel extra luxurious. I’m now curious about the Nirvana White, since that is apparently the more feminine of the set.

I’ve also been mixing Nirvana Black with Euphoria by Calvin Klein. Or just wearing Euphoria alone during the day. This was a birthday gift from my man and has a very floral sweet scent that’s a bit more on the deep side. I think together they smell like a midsummer’s night dream, all humid and heady frolicking with fairies. Very nice.

If you’ve been following my posts recently you’ll know I’m pretty deeply in love with the Maybelline The Buffs collection, which is just a bunch of lovely nude shades. This month I’ve been constantly reaching for Nude Lust and Blushing Beige either separately or mixed. Blushing beige is more light nude and nude lust is more natural lip nude.

I’ve also been topping both of those, or on it’s own NYX’s Butter Gloss in Madeline. This is more natural lip nude than say Fortune Cookie, if you’re familiar with the Butter Glosses.

Non Beauty Favorites:

My Food Processor is surely my biggest favorite of the month, I’ve used almost 2 a week since I got it. Thanks Mom! You can check out many of my creations that I’ve made with my food processor over in the Gluten Free section.

Nettle Tea has been another favorite for the spring allergies. Stay tuned for more on how to survive allergy season.


That’s about all of my favorites for this month. What are some of your favorites for May?


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