Thrift Haul!

Oops I didn’t realize everything I got was black or dark. Oh well. My mother and I were out and about one day and stumbled into a new thrift store and I promptly proceeded to discover some amazing finds. I do love the treasure hunting aspect of thrifting, just not the ever consistent smell of dust and grandma’s basement. Pushing past that, look at the cool cheap ass things I found.

Look at this sweater. Look how gaudy, yet strangely cute it is. Were I live/go to school is pretty far north for the US so I pretty much live in sweaters from October to April. No joke. Anyway, this was a semi goofy purchase perfect for Christmas time and ugly sweaters, even though it’s not THAT ugly, but I love it. DSCN1052DSCN1054Here is a long bell sleeved crocheted cardigan that’s just really cute.
DSCN1056 I found this cute lightweight black sweater with small gold metal embellishments. It’s nice and long, perfect for leggings.DSCN1057 I have no shame. No shame once so ever and I absolutely will rock this long sleeved black stretchy velvet top. With leggings. and boots. and a huge chunky scarf. cold weather here I come. DSCN1058Speaking of cold weather. OMG. This coat. Look at it. Look at the majesty. I saw it from afar, through racks and racks of musty, bad 90’s cropped sweaters and it spoke to me. I had to have it. It’s pretty fabulous and was only $12. Shut up. Get on my body. It has all the swank of a fur coat only made out of plushy faux fur with brown leather bows that you can tie the sleeves up with.  It feels like a warm cozy cloud. Look who is going to look like Rachel Zoe on campus. Fab. U. Lous.
DSCN1059 DSCN1060


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