Fabulous Phalanges: Moon Phase

As October drifts ever, excitingly, closer I am getting so into the Fall/Halloween zone. I’ve been in love with moon phase stuff and absolutely drooling over all the cute stuff on Etsy, periodically adding things to my cart but never buying. Thats probably a good thing, but I still haven’t got the lunar-ness of my brain. I found some cool nail art pens from the drugstore and suddenly my brain clicked one night and this happened. Enjoy!DSCN1199 Not super expertly applied but who cares! I got shit to do and waiting for my nails to dry is seriously the most aggravating thing on this planet. Luckily I discovered Seche Vite, which is a disgustingly stinky (and probably so very bad for my nails, like it smells like furniture varnish) topcoat but it makes my nails dry, rock hard within about a minute. DSCN1200 I did 2 coats of the black and used the white to create the solid phases, then went back and forth with the white and black for a bit of more realistic mottled mooniness. DSCN1201


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