Blog-O-Ween: The White Rabbit

Happy Halloween my ghosts and ghouls! I bring you my one and only Halloween look this year for Blog-O-Ween. It saddens me I wasn’t able to get into it as I have the previous 2 years but alas, adulting causes me to prioritize. A big thank you to Miss Brittany H. for putting this in my brain space when we were discussing Halloween looks. Here’s my White Rabbit to your Mad Hatter, my dear.

So let’s get into it.DSCN1834 For the accessories: A quick trip to JoAnn’s and I left with a bit of white lace and a bit of white lace trim. 1/3 a yard of each, if you want to get specific, and a spool of thick beading wire. A few bends, and tucks later with my pliers and I had the outline of the ears bent around a circle that sat like a small crown on the top of my head that allowed me to pin it into place. I sewed the sleeves up quick for the ears and slid them over my wire frame. The head band is just pinned in place behind my ears.

I had contemplated pulling it further down my eyes but I’m pretty into these white eyebrows.

DSCN1829DSCN1828Here’s what I used:

  • Morphe 35C Warm Matte Palette in mostly the second to last row of pinks & reds and the white eyeshadow.
  • As a base I used my Ben Nye Bruise Wheel in the red (not pictured, oops rolled under my bed.)
  • ABH Contour Palette in Fawn mostly and Havana.
  • Jordana 24 Hr. Jumbo Pencil in White for highlighting & to lighten the overall look.
  • NYX Liquid White Liner for all the details.
  • Maybelline The Buffs in Bare All, which is the lightest shade in the range.
  • NYX Lip Pencil in Pinky Beige for my bunny nose and shaded with the ABH contour palette.
  • NYX Illuminator in Ritualistic for dat glow tho. Can you tell I love this one? I put it in all the high spots. Liberally.
    DSCN1830I really wanted to keep some aspects of the original Disney White Rabbit so I gave myself a little lace bow tie.DSCN1832DSCN1838 I also dusted my hair with liberal amounts of dry shampoo.DSCN1843 I don’t have a clock….so my Iphone was the closest thing for my White Rabbit to be concerned she was late, for a very important date.DSCN1845

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