Gluten Free, Vegan Super Pink Beet Cake

Hello Friends! If you were able to read my Palouse Adventures Post, you’d know my mom recently came to visit me and like any mom visit, was full of produce from the garden. Included in that bountiful haul was some lovely beets. I’ve finally gotten around to using them (thank goodness they keep so well) and in my desire to do something new with beets I scrolled through foodgawker and found this post here from The Green Life with a recipe for gluten free, vegan beet cake. Sold. Where’s my mixer. Click the link above for the full recipe. DSCN1847Seeing as it was a rainy Monday I thought this ‘raincake’ would be a much pinker omage to ‘thundercake.’ If you don’t know what thundercake is, it’s a devilishly chocolate cake made with tomatoes that is the main feature of a children’s book. Having grown up reading it I thought this would be perfect and sentimental. DSCN1846I used a organic vegan frosting mix from Palmelas that I found int the depths of my baking drawer instead of the coconut cream frosting the original post suggests. I grated micro fine bits of raw beet for that impressive color and added some home cured maraschino pie cherries (also from Mom) to top. DSCN1848 Now If you don’t like the taste of beets, I don’t think you’ll like this. I can definitely taste the earthiness of the beets here. Using coconut sugar instead of regular sugar makes this cake much less sweet that one might be expecting. I, however, like things less sweet. So after horking down my first slice I can tell you the texture is super moist and dense and well…lovely. Happy Monday everyone!DSCN1849


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