Welcome to Where The Kale Grows. Here is a look into my lifestyle full of good food (mostly plant based, gluten, dairy and egg free), holistic health, lots of handmade DIY projects and beauty. I have a degree in Food and Nutrition with aspirations to become a Registered Dietitian. Here, as well as my other social media platforms, is where I can share with you the synergy between the healing power of food and total holistic wellness.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Wild Juggler says:

    Very inspired blog you have here. I love the way you combine health with beauty/fashion. Idaho looks like its a really fun place if you’re from there.

  2. Linda says:

    Omg,I love all of your DIY halloween makeup! so AMAZING!!We are a fairly new company that’s a fusion between a magazine and a blog, focusing on current fashion trends through bloggers like you. If you are interested email me for more info =)

  3. Lisa Sparkles says:

    Love your about me text 🙂 kinda sounds like me, although I am in a big city in Germany so I can run around in crazy outfits and shit and people will only look twice not ten times.. haha.

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